About Rhett

Name – Rhett Roberts

Age – 26

Current City – LaFayette, GA

Hometown – Redding, CA


Music has been a big asset in my life from a very young age.  I begin singing at the age of 4, singing in church and other special functions.  I began playing the cello at age 8 as well.  In 2011, I discovered barbershop music by attending a Vocal Spectrum show in Sacramento, CA.  I was hooked from that moment on and decided to start recording multitracks for fun.  I never intended to go into selling tracks, but then I began receiving offers from choruses and quartets wanting tracks.  I began selling tracks online in 2012 and have had the opportunity to record for many great groups such as the Masters of Harmony, Lunch Break Quartet,  The Westminster Chorus, and Voices of California.

I sing full time professionally with a Christian/gospel group called The Ball Brothers.  We tour over 150 dates a year across the United States and were just recently featured in Sports Illustrated.  Visit theballbrothers.com/tour to see if we are going to be in your area  I have had the opportunity to sing with many awesome groups the last few years.  Most recently I sang with the Ambassadors of Harmony in Pittsburgh in 2015, earning a 2nd place silver medal in the  Barbershop International Chorus Competition.

My Goals

I am very passionate about my music and pushing it to the limits both in terms of precision and accuracy is my goal. I strive to be on the cutting edge and I believe there is a difference between trend and innovation and that it’s my job to figure out which is which. Instead of creating just another track, I set out to do something different, and I think you’ll agree that you will get you wanted. I have recorded tracks and received orders from all over the globe and my customer satisfaction is one of the best. Get in contact with me today!

What I Do

Custom Tracks
Audio Editing
Customer Satisfaction