Frequently Asked Questions

I am very passionate about the work I do and giving groups the results they truly want and will love is my main goal.  I will provide you with tracks for your quartet or chorus that will give you a jump start in the learning process.  Technology has come so far in the last decade and continues to soar.  For my learning tracks, I use some awesome tools and software to give you amazing quality results.  I can give you the same results as some of the "big guys", but having it at a cheaper price and a quicker turn around time.

To help you understand my services and how the process works, I welcome you to check out some of my most asked questions I receive from other customers and the answers that are given.  Every project is a little different and I will work with you to get it how you like!  Hopefully this FAQ page helps you out with some of the questions you might have about my services offered here at!

The Order Process

Track Information

Recording Process

"Rhett’s tracks are awesome! Always accurate, musical, easy to sing with, and he always communicates quickly! I would definitely recommend him!"

KJ McAleesejergins
Baritone, Midtown Quartet

"Rhettracks gets the job done. Note for note. Easy listening makes for easy learning."

Adam Scott

Rhett is a collaborative, professional, and talented vocal artist. He will work hard to ensure you are getting exactly what you need and what you asked for. I highly recommend Rhett Roberts for your learning track needs.

Nate Savalza
BHS member